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Right, uh. Adam likes to do nice things for people he likes. Sooooo if you could comment here with your character and if there's something nice that Adam might do/accidentally do that'd be awesome.

ie: Bring Crowley's Bentley to camp.

Something like that. Or if you want them half-assed too. Like "Really large cake" but it happens to be carrot cake and they hate carrot cake. I DUNNO. But ... yeah ):

... yes. |D;;

E-even if you haven't met Adam yet, feel free to comment, you'll have to meet him eventually.

[...Copy post try out. ]

Cor. There's two-a me now.


... I totally want to be a bad person and combine this with the 'hot or not' meme for my other characters. BUT SINCE I AM A PURE AND INNOCENT PERSON, I SHALL NOT.

COMMENT HERE WITH YOUR CHARACTER if Adam has met you and we can do FIRST IMPRESSIONS 8D. Or... any impressions if this is not the first time Adam has met you. (LOLZ)


On Being the Antichrist and Pancakes.

The Thing About Being the Antichrist
"And the child is human. As well as ... you know. He would be hidden from us, but other humans might be able to ... oh, sense him, perhaps. Or spot things we wouldn't think of."

"It wouldn't work. He's the Antichrist! He's got this... sort of automatic defense, hasn't he? Even if he doesn't know it. It won't even let people suspect him. Not yet. Not till it's ready. Suspicion will slide off him, like... whatever it is water slides off of," he finished lamely.

Now, I don't think this fully applies anymore sense we already had the Big Almost Apocalypse. HOWEVER Adam does what he wants. He can make shit happen make shit unhappen erase you from existence remake the world remake Crowley's car whatever. He's rather Good at things like that. He doesn't want people all around to go "O, Antichrist, lulz" so ... people won't. I expect people might get like... a non-aura from him. Like how Anathema couldn't see his aura. While this was more of a HUGEASS AURA thinger, I suspect if Adam wants to not ping people, he prolly won't ping people cuz... that's how he works. And Camp is prolly small enough his aura's pretty damn covering anyway. PICK OR CHOOSE YOUR METHOD of seeing or not seeing.

People I Expect Will Know Crowley, Aziraphale, Wilhelm, chaos, Death, Delirium (list will be added to. Give me a poke if you think your name belongs here!)

The Thing About Knowing Stuff
I'm not exactly sure how this one works. When Aziraphale and Madame Tracy were sharing a body he just knew and separated them. Just like that. I'm assuming that he just kind of knows things like that. Y-yay omniscience? This is an omniscience permissions meme thinger here. Yes, yes it is.

...I think that's it. IF I AM FORGETTING SOMETHING as I am prone to doing, just... stab me. Or something.

(I like pancakes)

EDIT While Adam PROBABLY won't ping you as the Antichrist, feel free to be pinged or mildly pinged by Dog. Who is a Satanic Hellhound (SORTA though, more like Satanic Lite) and Cat Worrier.


Age: 11
Hair: Blonde 8D
Eyes: Blue(?)
What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Uh, let's stay away from the really sketchy stuff. And the fictional character thing, plz. Can't think of anything else though.

Abilities: GODMODDING 8D No, really. Adam can do whatever he wants and sometimes his godmodding happens when he isn't really thinking about it. Like vanishing large amounts of uranium in his sleep. And tunnelers from Tibet. I also assume he's got some sort of weird omniscience going on, but more on that later.

Notes for the Psychics: Anathema couldn't see his aura***, so if you're a spiritual thingers-see person, heads up. He's pretty much normal boy up there in the headspace. Prolly. Most likely.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Do you want to spit/step on an 11 years old child? Also, shapeshift/bodyswap are a talk to me.
Maim/Murder/Death: Do you want to maim/murder/kill a small child? Well, I expect you can't anyway. I mean, you could. But... yeah no.
Cooking: I expect he is good at unwrapping candy.
Physical Contact/Kissing/Hugging: Sure, why not.

Emo/Serious Feel free, though, how long Adam can have an attention span is... well. Yeah.

Audience Sure. Why not.

DOG is a hellhound. Feel free to be pinged by him. Yus.


May. 20th, 2007

Character: Adam Young
Series: Good Omens
Character Age: 11

Canon: Good Omens is a book about an Antichrist and his Dog. Oh, and the Apocalypse, can't forget that. Basically somewhere along the line Crowley someone misplaces the Antichrist and instead of growing up as a properly raised Antichrist named Warlock complete with demonic nanny, he ended up being a mostly average boy named Adam Young. This Rather Displeased Hell and Heaven as both sides thought they knew exactly what the ineffable plan was.

Adam is eleven years old and acts like it, sometimes. He goes on backyard adventures with his friends and his hellhound dog, Dog. Adam is a pretty well balanced kid who is more likely to sit around discussing witches and the NEW Spanish Inquisition than ending the world. He's the idea man of his gang, the leader of the Them as well as an only child. Adam is prone to idiosyncratic logic, which can dumbfound even divine beings.

Sample Post:
I reckon summer vacation year round is a good idea, but I think you're goin' about it all wrong. Too many ninjas an' not enough robots. I don't think pirates or ninjas'd win against robots. Cor, there's nothin' better than a robot with lasers. An' ninjas an' pirates don't have any lasers. Robots also got extendin' arms and stuff. I'd like to see a ninja do that. Superheroes are alright too, just not as cool as robots. Maybe if they were superhero robots, I'm pretty keen on those.

Summer vacation isn't any good without things t'do either. Even if there were superhero robots you gotta have somethin' else. Can't do too much of the same thing, it'll get borin'. You'll give me a tour of camp? 'S nice of you, where we gonnago? Mess hall, library an' then the internet? I hope there's somethin' good there.

This is your Mess Hall? I bet lotsa people apreciate your 'save a cow, eat a vegan' sign, though. Not eatin' beefburgers saves cows, I know that, I read that in a book. But there's somethin' about that 'vegan crumble' which looks a bit like a dog's dinner. Not to mention it says "made with real live vegans" an' it's twitchin', I don't eat anythin' that's still moving. On princ'ple and all.

'Course I know what principle means, who doesn't? Principles are better'n rules. Even if your rules got numbers like 34, doesn't make 'em better than my principles. I'll even look it up for you. Look here, "principle: an accepted an' professed Rule 34 for life." What? That isn't right at all, this book's all wrong. Ow!. An' ooks shouldn't bite! 'Specially not encyclopedias, they're s'pposed to be helpful. An'...I don't think books are s'pposed to run off on their own like that either.

There's jus' the internet left, huh. 'Course I know how to use a computer, who doesn't? Huh, anyway, here's somethin' good. A whole website on robots fightin' other robots! Robots in Disguise Never hearda that one before, but it looks interestin' enough.

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[] I am above 18 years of age.
[] I am below 18 years of age.

...this is one of those 'adult themed' camps, innit?

Dad's gonna be so mad.